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This page is a fantastic source for tips, tricks, & techniques for all skill levels.  You can be an avid angler fishing whenever you can or a weekly tournament angler looking for additional tips.  We will do our best at keeping our videos up to date as well as our weekly fishing tip.  If you have questions or requests for specific techniques, please use our contact page and we will respond as soon as we can. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO VISIT US!


We're at the end of May & it's gettin' hotter! Our waters have been drastically lowered so I'm not fishin' as much as I'd liked to. June 3rd will be a new moon while June 17th is a full moon, my tip is GOOD LUCK! Stay hydrated & use sunscreen. If you need some faith, visit my church's new site , you can fish & still keep your faith close. The site has so much to offer from our sermons to scriptures and daily prayers. God cares for ALL!